Tito Ramirez - El Prince LP (Latin Version)

Tito Ramirez - El Prince  LP   (Latin Version)

The long-awaited second full-length album by Tito Ramírez finally arrives, entitled “El Prince”, in partnership with El Volcán Música & Discos Antifaz. Your most excellent perversity returns to conquer the throne of its own sound universe, deepening and expanding its aesthetic range with new sounds and rhythms.

Tito Ramirez's rhythmic and stylistic melting pot is broad and encompasses Latin music in its different facets, with Afro-American and Anglo-Saxon rhythms. An already legendary album before its release, which surely should not be missing in your library.
This record is straight from Spain and maybe the best LP of 2023

Discos Antifaz

Track Listing
Side A.
1. Alma Sicod'elica ((Psychedelic Soul)
2.Poder D Amore (Power of Love )
3.Gulrable (Guilty was the bugaloop)

Side B
1.El Prince (interlude)
2.Pal Barrio
3.Have To See Ma Babe
4.Get Your Money
5.El Predicador (Misa Mambo)
7.Lluvia Purpura