Manny Bowsmund & Tito Ramirez - El Golpe/Another Woman (Waits For Me)

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Manny Bowsmund & Tito Ramirez - El Golpe/Another Woman (Waits For Me)

MANNY BOWSMUND and TITO RAMÍREZ on the same track!!!!

Discos Antifaz makes your dreams come true by putting together in the same track two of our most beloved artists of the label!!!!

– The song we are talking about is the A-side of Manny Bowsmund’s new single “El Golpe”. Considering who the two outlaws are that have come together for this holdup, the title fits it like a glove. It could sound like an overdone The Coasters, Frat, Frot, dumba dumba, R&R, R&B, garage…underworld trumpets…. and the most criminal and devilish beat you’ve ever heard to make it clear who has the gun and who is behind the counter.

– On the B-side we find “Another Woman (Wait’s for me)”. Where Manny (already without the vocal appearance of Tito) shows us another register with his personal voice, a more Soul side, R&B, crooner taste ….also difficult to catalog. Dark and resentful love song, with orchestral arrangements with more epic than a boarding.

Summarizing, the album you can’t miss in your Antifaz record collection. Guaranteed to be a hit.

The two songs have been composed by the masked duo, and produced by Tito Ramirez himself, in a place that as usual has not been revealed.

His only statements were: “the recording of these two songs are the result of the friendship between the two and the bad habit of forgetting to sleep while in the studio”.

Side A . Manny Bowsmund & Tito Ramirez With The Chicken Shakers
El Golpe
Side B. Manny Bowsmund With The Chicken Shakers
Another Woman(Waits For Me)

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