The Wyldwood Green - Piccadilly Circus / Panther Walk

The Wyldwood Green - Piccadilly Circus / Panther Walk

Formed in 2017 by vintage vinyl specialist DJ Soulmarcosa, The Wyldewood Green is an LA-based explosion of 60s-70s-inspired garage, soul, psychedelic, funk, mod jazz and heavy rock sounds fueled by organ, freakbeat 45s and raw gritty attitude. Featuring former & current members The Sloths, The Gentle Cycle, Beat Mosaic, Bernie Worrell Orchestra, Veneer and Electric Mind Machine.

1966-style instrumental Top Gear Mod Raver with screaming Hammond organ, crashing drums and fuzzed-out garage guitar. Get on board the magic bus to Piccadilly Circus. And bring drugs.

Slinky, exotic, '68-vintage KPM-tinged Hammond organ groover for decadent parties, go-go dancing, or quiet moments alone with psychedelics and the one you love. Do The Panther Walk with The Wyldewood Green and the mysterious Panther Lady...

Lotah Records
Black vinyl, UK-style push-out center in black sleeve!
Limited to 500 copies