Smoke & Mirrors Sound System- Strength In Numbers LP

Smoke & Mirrors Sound System- Strength In Numbers LP

"Strength In Numbers" is the first release of the amazing collaboration that is Smoke + Mirrors Sound System. Created and recorded during time when musicians could not get together in person, this album is truly a showcase of "if there is a will there is a way." The all-star cast plays ten incredible tunes .

Jeff ‘Django’ Baker Vocals, Melodica, Trombone
Andrew Bauer - Guitarist
Mike Benge - Trombone, Congas
David Butterfield - Drums
Gilbert Castellanos - Trumpet
Todd Davidson- Piano , Synths, Accordion
Tony Devenish - Guitarist
Kristin ‘Lady Hatchet’ Forbes - Vocals, Guitarist, Pianist
Brent Ford - Bassist
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Gonzalez - Percussionist
Kevin Hewitt - Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Guitarist
Dave Hillyard - Tenor Sax
Korey ‘’Kingston’ Horn - Drummer
Brian Jordan - Guitarist
Mark Qmaxx420 Lyn - Bass, Vocals
Emilio ‘Momo’ Martinez - Drummer
Jayson Nugent - Guitarist
Eddie Ocampo - Drummer
Buford O’Sullivan Trombone, Trumpet, Vocals
Jon Quan - Organist, Pianist
Victor Rice - Bass
John Roy - Vocals, Saxophone, Songwriter
Doug Shaffer - Trumpet
Dunia Best Sinnreich - Vocalist
Robert Sotelo Jr. - Guitarist
Ken Stewart - Piano
Esteban Flores Valenzuela- - Keyboards

Art by Duke Duel!
Mixed at Room and Board Recordings by Matt Carlin
Mastered for Digital by Dub Robot

1. Learn or Burn
2. Brain Trust
3. Nobody Did it
4. Barrio Bridge
5. Hazard Pay
6. Connected
7. Silver Dollar
8. Great Divide
9. Mile in Their Shoes
10. Reasoning

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