Mike James Kirkland - Love Scenario EP

Mike James Kirkland - Love Scenario EP

Mike James Kirkland sent us a collection of demos written and produced by himself, his brother Robert and a few other Artists at the dawn of the 90's which never made to the stage of arrangement/production/release. He said he would have been pleased for us to present our vision and, if the ideas we would submit to him were good enough, then a real project would take off. So Electrified presented their classic iron-snare take to it, which Mike absolutely loved. Then Alberto Zanini personally felt the urge of doing a 4 beats arrangement in analog which gives it a late night modern room appeal and this version was approved too. So here we are with a project meant to celebrate the late Robert Kirkland, beloved brother and music team buddy who Mike James dedicates this release to.
Comes with extensive liner notes booklet .

A1. Love Scenario ( Electrified Take #1)
A2. Instrumental

B1. Love Scenario (Alberto's Groove)
B2 Rearrangement in 4

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