Ian Kay- Clown/Love Wasn't Built In A Year

Ian Kay- Clown/Love Wasn't Built In A Year

Originally from Armenia, we truly believe this Barcelona-based Frenchman is the “next big thing”. Despite his youth, the fresh sound of this young blood (with an eye on the past) abounds in maturity and musical intelligence. He knows exactly what he wants and how it should sound. We have no doubt the world will admire his talent and it gives us great satisfaction to count him amongst our band of outlaws.

It is our immense honour to present to you, our perverse clients, for your pleasure and enjoyment, what will undoubtedly be one of this year’s most significant records. Behold two new hits for this masked generation!

Produced and recorded by Jeremy Yeremian and Nic Jodoin at the iconic Valentine Studios in LA, where, in the late sixties, bands such as The Beach boys, Boyce & Hart, Frank Zappa etc. worked their magic. More recently new artists the likes of Nick Waterhouse, Black Lips and Jon Batiste have also favoured Valentine Studios as the place to record.

Ian’s strong ties with the city of Los Angeles led him to record his first LP “Walk that road again”, on which this little genius wrote all the tracks and also played most of the instruments.

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